Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why podcasting works

Take it from a 30-year radio veteran (me), people like to listen to interesting conversation. And if your podcasting, you're chasing the right people.

A 2006 profile of podcast users from Edison Media Research:

  • 11% of the survey indicated that they had ever listened to a podcast as defined (and 21% of persons age 12-17 have done so).

  • Podcast listeners are very well educated, have higher than average household incomes, and represent a very attractive advertising target for both online AND local retailers.

  • While podcast listeners are much more likely to block unwelcome advertising than the general public, they are no less likely to click on relevant advertising than other Internet consumers.

Edison updated their report in 2007 here.

More and more tools are available to help you tell your story to your website visitors, in quick, easy, downloadable packets. Best of all, your conversations are original and framed the way you want. Let's go podcasting!

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