Wednesday, April 23, 2008

10 billion online videos watched in Feb. '08, up 66%

I noticed it a couple of years ago, when my then-5th grader walked away from evening TV to the other side of the room, where the family computer lives. There, for an hour or more (if we let him), he would surf the internet for videos of his favorite animations, and stupid cat tricks. Rarely will he watch evening TV these days, and that's OK with me.

I'm converting slowly too. I used's video stream to catch up on their drama "Jericho".)

The trend is settling in to mainstream America, and it has establishment media scrambling. From
"All that time you waste at the office watching stupid cat videos on YouTube adds up: Numbers released by ComScore on Wednesday indicate that U.S. Web users watched more than 10 billion online videos during the month of February. That's a 66 percent gain from the previous year."

Trade you a prime time sitcom for a webisode? How will you adapt to this trend in your marketing plan?

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